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FaceApp Mod Apk

v11.9.1 by FaceApp Technology Ltd

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Name FaceApp Mod Apk
Publisher FaceApp Technology Ltd
Genre Photography
Size 92 MB
Version 11.9.1
Update March 4, 2024
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Mod Version 11.9.1
Total installs 100,000,000
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FaceApp Mod Apk is the most famous version in the FaceApp Mod Apk series of publisher FaceApp Technology Ltd

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Have you ever thought about what you’d appear like if you put on particular makeup, hairstyles, new beards, or even a different gender? Are you going to look more attractive or have a new and beautiful look that was not visible for many years? Perhaps, you’ll find yourself with hilarious faces that are so funny that you identify the person.

The answer to all your doubts and concerns will be addressed through FaceApp because the application allows its users to make multiple variations to their faces. FaceApp MOD Apk lets you easily alter your appearance by adding various facial elements to your real-life appearance. From changing your hairstyle to adjusting your age or gender, everything will look and feel much more appealing with the updated FaceApp settings.

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What does FaceApp Mod Apk do?

FaceApp is among the top photography applications you can find on the Google Play Store since, right this moment; it’s trending as the #3 most popular apps. It quickly became the most trusted photography app across the globe, with many users. It can change your face using neural networks or machine learning to detect and make modifications to your face that you’re planning to make. Let’s look at the interface of this application – it has a straightforward user interface, so even kids can modify photos and make faces in a matter of minutes.
To use this app initially, you need to take a picture or save the image photo from Google drive or your device’s to manage your files. Make sure to take a more vibrant or bigger image that is large enough to allow your face to be seen clearly within it. Then, you’ll receive lots of tools that can assist you with further editing.

FaceApp Mod Apk

Main features of FaceApp MOD APK

Filters and Effects

FaceApp MOD APK comes packed with a comprehensive range of filters and effects. These features give users the ability to drastically modify their facial details, providing an interactive way to change the defining aspects of their appearance virtually.

In addition to changing facial features, FaceApp also capably facilitates hair color and hairstyle alterations. This provides users with unlimited options for exploring new looks without actually altering their physical attributes.

AI-Based Transformations

FaceApp APK smartly integrates artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The core advantage of this app lies in its capability to enable intriguing transformations by intelligently recognizing facial features.

This advanced AI-based app can manipulate images beyond typical editing. The technological precision allows it to perform entertaining alterations such as gender swaps and aging simulations. Users are presented with fascinating visuals where they can witness their countenance appearing differently under varying situations.

Beard and Mustache Styles

With the FaceApp Pro APK, users can easily and effectively experiment with numerous beard and mustache styles. This innovative application offers a vast palette of facial hair options, each designed to potentially upgrade physical appeal by complementing an individual’s face shape and features.

Users will find the app both user-friendly and highly interactive. Opting for different looks is as simple as choosing from an array of beard and mustache styles available in the app’s gallery. This feature allows users the opportunity to visualize how they might appear sporting varying types of facial hair—ranging from a full-grown lumberjack beard to a subtle pencil-thin mustache.

FaceApp Face Editor

Hair Styling and Color Changes

FaceApp is an innovative application designed to give users a virtual makeover. This transformational software provides a platform for individuals to experiment with various hair colors and styles from the comfort of their homes, without having to risk or commit to any physical changes.

Users can take advantage of FaceApp to get a realistic preview of how different looks might suit them. By employing advanced technology, the app allows one to change hair color and hairstyle effortlessly. This provides users an opportunity for playful self-expression before deciding on a permanent aesthetic change.

Makeup Filters

FaceApp MOD APK is a unique application that provides various makeup filters crafted for the users. This advanced feature delivers an avenue for them to explore, play with, and apply a wide range of styles. This can be enwrapped in distinct levels right from soft everyday looks to glamorous party make-ups.

As part of its offerings, users can choose from a variety of lip colors, ranging from subtle nudes to bold reds, to match their skin tone or mood. Additionally, it offers numerous eye shadow options that are perfect for both simple day looks and dramatic night appearances.

Facial Feature Adjustments

FaceApp delivers an exciting application for users who enjoy personalizing their images, particularly the facial elements. In a myriad of transformation options, it presents the ability to specifically enlarge or minimize various facial features.

This enables substantial modifications to major components of the face including eyes, nose and lips. Furthermore, you could subtly tweak contours of your cheekbones or jawline too or heighten your brow arches. Regardless of whether you wish to greatly enhance these elements or make slight alterations, FaceApp Premium APK grants full control over how your digital persona appears.

Skin Enhancement

FaceApp equips users with an array of tools and features aimed at enhancing the appearance of your photographs. One of these incredibly useful resources is its ability to effectively remove skin imperfections.

Utilizing FaceApp, you have the power to instantly erase acne, blemishes, scars, and other unappealing marks from your photos. This powerful tool transforms any rough or uneven complexion into a smoother and more flawless one in just a few simple steps.

Comparison Tools

FaceApp MOD APK is a sophisticated application that ensures users have a seamless editing experience. It encompasses an interactive and easy-to-use comparison tool for photography enthusiasts and professionals alike.

This tool conveniently allows users to view the ‘before’ and ‘after’ versions of their manipulated images side by side. This distinctive feature aids in analyzing the visual transformation brought about through editing.

How to Download and Install FaceApp MOD Apk?

Are you having difficulty getting or downloading the app on your phone? Do not worry. Here are a few easy steps to guide you through installing and downloading the software quickly.

  • First, click on the download link. To download this Amazing application for your phone, You must click on the download button we’ve sent you. Once you’ve clicked this button, you’ll be directed to the page to download.
  • Step 2. Click Here. You’ll receive an immediate download hyperlink from installing this FaceApp MOD APK File. Click the. The download will start with a short duration and will end in just a few minutes. (Downloading time depends upon the performance of your Internet Speed)
  • Step 3: Locate FaceApp Premium APK When your download is completed, Go through the manager of files, or search for downloads in your internet browser; when you find that FaceApp Premium MOD APK, click on it.
  •  Step 4: Download FaceApp and double-click on the APK File to install an unlocked Version.
  • Wooooh!! You’ve successfully received the FaceApp Pro MOD APK. If you’re having trouble with difficulties. Please get in touch with us through the comment box below.


Are you looking for a fun mobile application that lets you edit your photos? There’s no better choice than FaceApp in the sense that you want to customize your images. You’ll indeed be able to modify your appearance and style fascinatingly with it. Most importantly, as it’s completely free and accessible through our website, you can use FaceApp to the maximum.


Is Faceapp PRO APK Free?

Yes, the Facebook APK is available as a free version. You'll receive various appealing features in this version but not certain premium features. Therefore, you must spend a considerable amount to enjoy all the premium features in this app.

Is Faceapp PRO APK Saving Personal Data?

No, it’s not saving your personal data. You can simply use this application without any worries and hesitations. So, why are you waiting for go and Install this APK and give your feedback through the comment box.


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