Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK

Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK

v1.13.2 by RetroStyle Games UA

Android Android 5.0Adventure
4.1 ( 877 ratings )
Price: $0
Name Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK
Publisher RetroStyle Games UA
Genre Adventure
Size 255 MB
Version 1.13.2
Update December 4, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money, Menu
Get it On Google Play
Mod Version 1.13.2
Total installs 10,000,000
Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK is the most famous version in the Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK series of publisher RetroStyle Games UA

Unlocked Everything Free Shopping Mod Menu

Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK is an offline Survival game from Retro Style Games UA. You play as a pirate crew trying to escape from their last pirate island. This is an excellent mix of old-school survival games where you need to find weapons and other items to survive. Get your survival instincts in gear. You’ll have to gather all of your resources and sharpen your skills to survive. Like Last Day on earth, you will need to build your house, barricades, and weapons.

Last Pirate Island Survival MOD APK

This is a freemium game, but to download the Last Pirate MOD APK, you’ll get unlimited Gold Coins and free crafting ability so you can craft everything without needing any resources. There are many zombies on this island. Some are zombies, and some are skeletons. Zombies and skeletons attack you, so protect yourself from these dangerous creatures. The game world is significant, and you’ll also face different animals and enemies. Get a chest for more loot rewards and build your comfortable home. The game looks great, but there’s no gameplay, just shooting arrows at things and avoiding being killed. It’s also very repetitive. Last Pirate: Island Survival APK is one of the best games with excellent gameplay, open-world 3D settings, etc.

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What is Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK?

A realistic, beautiful, but deadly world. The Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure is the game created and offered by Retro Style Games UA – Private Enterprise, founded by Pavel Konstantinov in 2010. It’s an adventure game. You can play Last Pirate: Survival Island Adventure on mobile devices and tablets that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. It’s also available on Google Play, App Store, and Amazon. It is a single-player game, and it’s free to download.

Last Pirate Island Survival MOD

In Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK, you will enter the beautiful world. Here, you can see a forest with many trees and bamboo, a clear blue sky with white clouds, or a beach with white sand and turquoise water. You can also find an accident castle and many wooden houses. The world is going to be covered in zombies and giant monsters. Don’t worry, because this is the best place for a peaceful vacation. You can fight against many different enemies such as zombies, aliens, and monsters. In addition, you can catch the fish and ride the motorcycle to go to your target. The character looks like a human in real life, so it’s very familiar to you. The day and night cycle is like going to the real world, so it will make the game much more exciting and realistic. Also, you can hear sounds like chopping wood or the chickens, making the game more interesting.

What are the Key Features of Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK?

You’re the last pirate on the island for now in Last Pirate. You will then need to survive by doing various things such as killing boars, finding items, etc. If you’re curious, here are the things you can expect in this game.

Survive on an island as a pirate

You will need to survive in this game. You’re a pirate who crashed into the island along with your crewmates. But for some reason, you can’t find them right now. So, the first thing you need to accomplish is to be self-sufficient. This means that you will need to gather food, hunt animals, and create shelter. This is a game you’ll be playing for weeks, so you need many resources to survive. Craft different items using different items found on the island!

Collect and build items

In Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK, everything you need is on the island. It has an abundance of resources scattered throughout the map. This means that all you need to do is gather the raw materials. The game will guide you on creating certain items such as pickaxes, armors, etc. You can find different items by breaking barrels and picking them up.

Last Pirate Island Survival

Scavenge for food

There are also a lot of wild animals like boar, chickens, and fish on the island. You can hunt for them for food. Then at night, you need to create shelter and fire to keep yourself warm. Collect as many foods as you can so you will not die of hunger! It would help if you also took note of the hunger meter at the top at all times.

Fight against monsters

This survival game isn’t an ordinary one due to the existence of different monsters! You’ll be forced to face sea monsters, Godzilla, bears, boars, and even zombies depending on the situation. Fight against them using your crafted weapons and armors. But don’t face them if you can’t win against them – you can’t risk your life for that.

Complete tasks

In Last Pirate, there are tasks that the game gives out to players so you’ll know what to do. You need to follow the tasks and complete them to gain items quickly. Depending on the task, you can also gain many rewards by completing them.

Last Pirate

How To Play Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK?

In this game, you will become the last captain alive. The first scene takes place on an uninhabited island; you only have one iron hook. Under the 3rd perspective, you will control the character to go around looking for food and drinking water to maintain three health bars in the left corner of the screen. Under the third perspective, you will control the character to go anywhere, looking for food and water to maintain three health bars in the left corner of the screen. If you are not strong enough and have the necessary preparations, you will be attacked until you die, and then you will have to play again from the beginning.

Last Pirate Island Survival MOD APK V1.4.5

Go to the Blacksmith and collect everything you need for your next adventure. You’ll get everything you need for your next journey, including a wooden board for your camp. You can look for abandoned buildings to hide if the sun is out. At night, the most horrifying things are not only monsters but there are also terrifying, evil things like ghost mummies. These mummies wake up and search for animals to eat. It is said that no one survives and becomes an evil mummy.

How To Download Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK?

Downloading Any Mod app is very easy from Queenapk. In every post of ours, we share the easiest downloading method. These steps will help you download this game on your phone in a few minutes.

  • Step 1: Go to Download Button: You first need to click on the download button we have provided.
  • Step 2: Go to File Manager: Once you click on the download button, your downloading will start. Now go to file manager and find APK File.
  • Step 3: Install Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK: Now tap on that APK file of the Last Pirate: Island Survival Cracked APK you have downloaded. Once you tap on that, your application will be on your phone.
  • Step 4: Launch Last Pirate: Island Survival APK: Now, the app icon will be on your phone. Tap on that to start using the application.
  • Wooooh!! You have successfully received Last Pirate: Island Survival. Isn’t it easy? If you’re still experiencing some issues. Contact us via the comment section below. 


If you are a player who needs a crime game with the best graphics and the best controls, this game is for you. You can easily upgrade your weapons and many other things in this game. Still, this upgrade requires real money, so if you do not want to spend money on this, you can download the Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK Unlimited Money from our website, where you will get unlimited money, unlocked weapons, and many other premia features so don’t waste your time searching for other pirate games and download the game immediately from download button and enjoy the best pirate game in life for you.


Q. Is last pirate: island survival a free game?

Yes, it is a wholly free game to play.

Q. Is last pirate: island survival an operating system restricted game?

No, you can play this game on any operating system. This game is not restricted to any operating system.

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