Auto Stamper MOD APK

Auto Stamper MOD APK

v3.19 by GPS Map Camera

Android Android 5.0Photography
4.0 ( 571 ratings )
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Name Auto Stamper MOD APK
Publisher GPS Map Camera
Genre Photography
Size 22 MB
Version 3.19
Update May 12, 2023
MOD Premium Unlocked
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Mod Version 3.19
Total installs 500,000+
Auto Stamper MOD APK is the most famous version in the Auto Stamper MOD APK series of publisher GPS Map Camera

Premium Unlocked
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Auto Stamper MOD APK is an apk for mobile devices that lets users add stamps and watermarks to their photos. Stamping a photo means putting a mark or logo on it to add information like the date and time the photo was taken, its GPS location, or a copyright signature.

The app has five different kinds of stamps: date/time, copyright, GPS, sequential number, and signature. Users can choose from more than 50 classic date and signature stamp formats to make their photos look better. They can also move, change the color, size, and format of the stamps to make them look the way they want.

Putting a date and time stamp on something is a good way to keep memories alive and for legal reasons. The app can stamp photos with the exact date and time they were taken, so even after a year or more, users can still be securely connected to those memories. Photos can be kept from being used without permission by putting a copyright signature stamp on them. The app also lets users add a GPS geolocation stamp to their photos, which makes it useful for travelers, architects, and civil engineers, among others.

Auto Stamper APK MOD

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What is Auto Stamper MOD APK?

Auto Stamper MOD APK is an Android app that lets users automatically add their own stamps to photos. Auto Stamper makes this app. Auto Stamper is a software company that makes apps for editing photos on Android devices. With Auto Stamper, users can add different kinds of stamps to their photos, such as a date and time stamp, a copyright text stamp, a GPS map stamp, a signature stamp, or a number stamp that goes in order.

This app is very helpful for people who want to know when and where a photo was taken, protect their photos with “copyright” text, or sign their photos to make them more personal. It gets rid of the need to stamp photos by hand by adding the stamps automatically as the photos are taken.

You can get Auto Stamper APK from the Google Play Store but  It has an easy-to-use interface, so even people who aren’t tech-savvy can use it. Users can also change the size, color, and placement of the stamps in the app to suit their needs. Users can also choose which photos they want to stamp from their gallery or take a new one with the app’s camera.

Overall, Auto Stamper is a great app for editing photos that makes adding custom stamps and mark to photos easy and quick. It’s a must-have for anyone who takes a lot of photos and wants to keep track of important details like the time, place, and copyright.

Auto Stamper Premium Apk

What are the Attracting Features of Auto Stamper APK?

Multiple Stamping Options

Auto Stamper  APK is a photo stamping app that lets users add different custom stamps to their photos. This app has different stamping features that let users add stamps to their photos automatically. Users can add different kinds of stamps with Auto Stamper APK (Premium Unlocked), such as date and time, GPS location, custom text, signature, and sequential number stamps.

Users can add the exact date and time a photo was taken with the date and time stamp feature. This feature can help you remember or keep track of important things. With the GPS location stamp feature, the exact place where the photo was taken can be added. Users who like to travel or want to remember a certain place will find this feature useful. With the custom text stamp feature, users can add their own text or message to their photos. This is useful for adding a personal touch or a copyright notice.

Customizable Stamps

Auto Stamper Pro APK (Premium Unlocked) lets users change the stamp’s format, color, size, and placement to suit their needs. This means that users have full control over how the stamp looks on their photos and where it goes. The app lets you change the font type, size, and style of the stamp, among other things. Users can also choose the color of the stamp, making it stand out or blend in with the colors in the photo.

Auto Stamper Perfect APK lets users create their own stamps and add them to their photos, in addition to the ones that are already there. With this feature, users can add personalized stamps to their photos in even more ways. Users can make stamps with text or images and then quickly add them to their photos.

Also, the app lets users save their own custom settings for the stamp as “presets.” This means that users can quickly stamp multiple photos with the same settings without having to change them each time. This feature is especially helpful for people who stamp their photos often and want to save time and work.

Auto Stamper Mod Apk

Batch Stamping

The batch stamping feature of the Auto Stamper Premium APK makes it easy for users to add stamps to multiple photos at once. This feature is especially helpful for people who have a lot of photos that all need to be stamped with the same information, like the date and time or GPS location. Users can save time and effort with batch stamping by adding stamps to all of the chosen photos at once. The app also has a number of customization options, such as letting the user choose the format, color, size, and position of the stamp. Users can also make their own stamps that they can add to photos. Overall, batch stamping is a feature that saves time and makes it easy and quick for users to add stamps to their photos.

Save and Pass On

When people use Auto Stamper: Timestamp app to add stamps to their photos, it’s easy to save them to the device’s gallery in ease. They can look at these pictures whenever they want and send them to friends and family. The app also lets users share their photos directly on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

With just a few taps on their phone screens, users can quickly share their photos that have been stamped. This feature is helpful for people who want to share their stamped photos on social media, send them to friends, or just back them up on cloud services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Auto Stamper Pro Apk

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Auto Stamper APK MOD is a useful app for Android that lets users automatically add custom stamps to their photos. The app gives users a number of stamping options, such as date and time, GPS location, custom text, signature, and sequential number stamps, that they can change to suit their needs. Users can add stamps to multiple photos at once with the batch stamping feature. This makes the process quick and easy. Users can also make their own stamps that they can add to their photos. After adding stamps to photos, users can save them to their device’s gallery and share them on social media sites.


How easy is it to use Auto Stamper MOD APK?

Auto Stamper APK is very user-friendly and easy to use. Simply select the photos you want to add stamps to and choose the type of stamp you want to add. The app will automatically add the stamp to your photos, and you can further customize it if desired.

How can Auto Stamper APK help protect my photos?

Auto Stamper App can help protect your photos by adding watermarks that include your name, logo, or other identifying information. This can deter others from stealing your photos or using them without your permission, giving you greater control over your intellectual property.

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