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Penly APK

v1.21.10 by Penly

Android Android 5.0Productivity
3.9 ( 366 ratings )
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Name Penly APK
Publisher Penly
Genre Productivity
Size 39 MB
Version 1.21.10
Update February 20, 2024
MOD Latest Version
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Mod Version 1.21.10
Total installs 100,000+
Penly APK is the most famous version in the Penly APK series of publisher Penly


Penly APK is a highly versatile and comprehensive digital planner tailored explicitly for Android users to jot down notes and plan efficiently. Users can easily import documents, images, and PDF files or add text, hyperlinks, and stickers to their notes. This premium software gives the feel of a tangible notebook with a stylus or pen, as you can handwrite, edit, highlight, and customize the font and style of your notes. The calendar feature in the Penly MOD APK can be used for organizing dates on a monthly or weekly basis, complete with color-coded highlights for different tasks.

Penly APK

The application also automatically adjusts the date, ensuring the user has an updated timeline of his tasks. With a user-friendly interface, one can easily navigate the Penly APK using a keyboard, stylus, or handwriting. Penly promises more features, such as object insertion, improved handwriting recognition, and enhanced customization capabilities.

How Does Penly APK Work?

Penly MOD APK is a powerful note-taking and PDF editing app that offers many features to enhance your productivity. With Penly, you can use a Bluetooth stylus like the S-Pen to convert your handwriting into text, making task management a breeze. Import any PDF file into Penly and effortlessly annotate and edit it. You can quickly delete or rename files and organize them into folders and subfolders for better management. The app provides various tools like the color wheel, shapes, eraser, resize, and rotate options to customize your notes.


Penly’s flexibility can cater to your needs, whether you prefer a landscape or portrait layout. Navigating through documents is accessible with hyperlinks; you can export your file as an editable Penly file or as a PDF. While significant PDF exports may not be reliable, you can contact customer support for a refund if needed. Penly is the perfect companion for your digital diary and notebook, offering ease of use and a variety of features to help you stay organized and efficient.

What customization options are available in Penly: Digital Planner & Notes APK?

Penly offers various customization options to personalize your note-taking and PDF editing experience. You can choose your pen’s color, thickness, and style, including options like regular, fountain pen, and brush. The color wheel allows you to select the perfect shade for your notes, highlighting, or text. Additionally, you can draw shapes with options for outlines and fills. Penly also supports importing custom fonts to add a unique touch to your documents. With these customization options, you can create visually appealing and personalized notes, making your digital planning and organization a delightful experience.

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What are the Key Features of Penly MOD APK?

Digital Planning, Journaling, and Note Taking

Penly APK Premium offers a multi-use application for digital organization. It combines planning, journaling, and note-taking in one convenient and practical interface. A central hub for all your organizational needs, Penly provides users with a seamless way to manage their daily tasks.

Penly APK Premium

From making grocery lists, jotting down ideas, and setting reminders to recording personal thoughts as a digital diary – Penly covers it. The app’s commitment to keep you organized means you will keep track of important information and all significant dates again.

Smooth Handwriting with Bluetooth Stylus

To enhance your writing experience in Penly, consider utilizing a Bluetooth stylus. Several options are available, including the S Pen and Xiaomi Smart Pen, which can allow you to write smoothly and with exceptional precision. Incorporating one of these styluses into your Penly experience can further enhance your ability to express your thoughts and ideas. So why not try it and take your handwriting to the next level with a Bluetooth stylus in Penly?

Customization Options

With Penly Premium APK, you have the luxury of a diverse array of customization options that let you satisfy your creative needs. Selecting pen color, thickness, and style becomes more exciting as you can tailor it according to your preference.

Penly Premium APK

Your style could range from regular pen to sophisticated fountain pen or brush options. Each has distinctive stroke and ink dispersion to suit your documentation’s various writing or artistic demands.

Annotation Tools

The Penly APK offers many valuable features that enhance your note-taking experience. With this app, you can easily highlight and underline important text, allowing you to locate and review key information quickly. Additionally, you have the ability to draw shapes with various outline and fill options, enabling you to create visually appealing and organized notes.

Furthermore, the app allows you to seamlessly integrate photos and images into your notes, providing you with the flexibility to include visual references and enhance the overall content of your notes. With all these amazing tools at your disposal, this app is truly a game-changer for anyone looking to take their note-taking to the next level.

Handwriting-to-Text Conversion

Penly MOD APK comes with a handwriting-to-text feature. This revolutionary feature automatically transforms your handwritten notes, turning them into digital text.


This unique service provided by Penly: Digital Planner & Notes APK enhances the editing process, making it seamless. It allows edits to be done without any complications associated with manually retyping everything. Also, the converted text improves readability. The struggles of trying to decipher unclear handwriting are completely bypassed as the application fosters enhanced text clarity.

Smart Eraser Tool

In Penly APK Latest Version, the smart eraser tool is a powerful feature that grants you the ability to selectively erase various objects within your digital canvas. Whether it be text, images, or shapes, this tool allows you to effortlessly remove unwanted elements from your creations.

With just a few simple clicks, you can achieve a cleaner and more polished result, ensuring that your work is visually appealing and free from any unnecessary distractions. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually erasing every individual item and embrace the convenience and efficiency of the smart eraser tool in Penly.

With the Penly MOD APK, you have the luxury of importing PDF files directly into the app. It allows user-friendly navigation through your imported documents using any pre-existing hyperlinks present within the file, making it easier than ever to sift through lengthy reports or articles.


Not only is this tool handy for viewing documents, but it also significantly enhances your ability to interact with them. The feature enables you to annotate directly onto the document. Furthermore, you can edit PDFs within Penly, simplifying alterations without needing to hop between various software.

Document Organization

Penly offers a wide range of features to enhance your document organization experience. One of the standout features is the ability to create folders and subfolders, providing you with a highly efficient way to categorize and manage your documents. With this powerful organizational tool at your disposal, you can easily sort and arrange your files according to your specific needs.

Whether you are working on a complex project or simply want to keep your documents neatly organized, Penly’s folder and subfolder functionality will undoubtedly streamline your workflow and make document retrieval a breeze. Say goodbye to the days of sifting through endless files and folders – with Penly, you can now enjoy a clutter-free digital workspace that promotes productivity and efficiency.

Sync Between Android Devices

By seamlessly connecting the powerful features of Google Drive with the user-friendly interface of Penly APK MOD, you will be able to effortlessly synchronize all your valuable notes and essential information across a wide range of Android devices. This groundbreaking integration not only ensures that your digital notes are constantly up to date and readily accessible, but it also provides a seamless and efficient workflow that maximizes productivity and convenience.

Penly APK Latest Version

With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy the benefits of a synchronized note-taking experience that effortlessly adapts to your dynamic lifestyle, allowing you to seamlessly transition between devices without losing any important information.

Pros and Cons of Penly APK Latest Version


  • Penly: Digital Planner & Notes app allows users to easily organize their plans, tasks, and notes in one place, enhancing productivity.
  • The app comes with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use for all ages.
  • Users can sync Penly across multiple devices, allowing them to access their notes and plans from anywhere at any time.
  • With its digital nature, it contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for physical paper and pens.
  • It offers customization features, allowing users to personalize according to their preferences.


  • As an online platform, Penly requires a stable internet connection; therefore, it might not be accessible in areas with poor or no internet connection.
  • Some users may find the process of migrating from traditional pen and paper planning methods challenging initially.
  • Although it offers synchronization across devices, there might be delays or errors which could lead to loss of data or confusion.
  • For those who are not tech-savvy, learning how to use this digital tool can prove challenging and take up valuable time they could spend being productive instead.
  • Some essential features may require in-app purchases, which might make the app expensive for some users over time.

Download Penly APK MOD For Android

Penly: Digital Planner & Notes APK is an essential download for individuals seeking seamless organization and productivity. This app provides a multitude of features encompassing digital planning and note-taking in one accessible platform. With Penly, you can schedule events, create to-do lists, take notes, and even sketch your ideas in a highly customizable format. It also offers crucial reminders and notifications to keep you on track. Its user-friendly interface ensures an efficient and enjoyable user experience. Moreover, it allows offline access to your notes and plans, which is perfect for staying organized on-the-go. Therefore, for a convenient and comprehensive all-in-one productivity tool, you must choose Penly.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Penly APK MOD is a comprehensive digital planner and notes app designed to meet the needs of busy individuals. Its user-friendly interface, robust features, and seamless synchronization abilities make it an excellent tool for managing tasks, appointments, and note-taking. The ability to customize it according to personal preference further increases its appeal. Whether you’re a student, professional or anyone looking to organize your life better, Penly proves to be an invaluable companion. So why wait? Download the Penly app today and experience the ease and efficiency of digital planning firsthand.

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